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Prevent Blowback When Cleaning Parts with Shop Air

Tips to Prevent Blowback Problem – Compressed air is used to remove oil particulates and or fluid coatings from the recently machined part. Due to the high velocity of air pressure being sprayed into the part, droplets of oil are aerosolized and are “blown off” into the ambient factory air. These small particles of oil.

Main Causes of Oily Floors in Modern Machine Shops

Tips for Eliminating Slippery Oily Floors The air filtration (MistBuster – TriMist) system on the CNC is not working correctly causing oily floors. Make sure the air filtration unit is on and that the blower is running. Keep in mind that electrostatic air cleaning units like Mistbuster and Trimist have indicator lights that must be.

Cleaning Cells – Avoid These Mistakes – Electrostatic Mistbuster & Trimist Units

Tips for Cleaning Cells There comes a time where your equipment is running smoothly and then all of a sudden everything comes to a standstill. Cleaning cells in sources capture equipment on a CNC machine is crucial to reducing machine downtime. Soak the cells using a non-etching soap that will not degrade the aluminum.  Cell.

Is Your Indicator Light Blinking on Your Industrial Air Filtration Unit

Blinking Light on your MistBuster, Tri-Mist or Coolblaster? What to do When the Indicator Light Blinks? A Ground in the Unicell Assembly.  The metal fins within the unicell cannot touch one another or the electrical current running through the charged cell will ground out.  When the indicator light is blinking please follow the procedure below.

Should I Use a Post HEPA Filter on my MistBuster?

How the Airflow Could be Reduced In many factories I see the large post HEPA filter sitting on top of many Mistbuster and Trimist electrostatic air filtration units. I would say that in probably 80 – 90% of these applications the HEPA filter is actually causing more of a problem then a solution. The main.

Washing MistBuster and Tri-Mist Cells – Do’s & Don’ts

Getting The Cells Cleaned Effectively to Ensure Proper Operation 1. The collection plates that are stacked closely together which make up each unicell assembly have a large surface area and can only be cleaned by submersion in a non-etching cell soap. (Cell soak 2000) If the soap used is too acidic, then the cell will.

Reduced Air Flow – Slippery Factory Floors

The Residue Ends Up Everywhere In many factories I find a thin oil residue on all the equipment, floors, and sometimes even the boxes for finished products. I see that all the CNC units have Air Filtration units attached like Tri-Mist and MistBusters, and in many cases they even have HEPA filters attached. The HEPA.

Air Filtration in the Automotive Industry

The Auto Industry Manufacturing Needs Clean Air The automotive industry has been humming along for over a century and has continued to grow to what it is today. Along the way, pioneers developed ways to assemble more automobiles faster and more affordable to the masses. With this came regulations, restrictions and standards. OSHA was created.

Outsource Electrostatic Cell Cleaning

Cost: Smog Hog – Mistbuster – Trion – Trimist Some companies choose to wash their electrostatic cells in house as a cost savings procedure. But itemizing all the costs associated with this procedure might cause you to take a second look at outsourcing it. Parts Washing Equipment 1. Takes up floor space 2. Expensive to.

Do You Have Smoke and Mist Coming From Your Chip Conveyor?

Smoke and Oily Mist Comes Out of Everywhere I have seen many instances where mist is coming from the chip conveyor. The chip conveyor removes recently generated scrap metal from the bottom of the CNC, pulling the metal chips up and out the side, dumping them into a chip barrel. These scrap metal chips are.