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Industrial Air Cleaning Systems

An industrial air cleaning system is a specialized system designed to improve indoor air quality within industrial settings by removing contaminants such as dust, particulates, fumes, and gases from the air. These systems are essential for maintaining a safe and healthy environment for workers and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations.

Key components and features of an industrial air cleaning system typically include:

Air Filters: These systems use various types of filters to capture different contaminants present in the air. Common types of filters include HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filters for particulate matter, activated carbon filters for gases and odors, and electrostatic precipitators for ionizing and removing particles.

Ventilation Systems: Industrial air cleaning systems often incorporate ventilation systems that control the airflow within the facility. Proper ventilation helps in distributing clean air and removing contaminated air efficiently.

Dust Collectors: Dust collectors are used to capture airborne dust and particulates generated during industrial processes such as machining, grinding, or material handling. These collectors prevent dust from dispersing into the air and settling on surfaces.

Exhaust Systems: For facilities that produce harmful gases or fumes, exhaust systems are integrated into the air cleaning system to remove these pollutants and expel them safely outside the building.

Air Purifiers: Industrial-grade air purifiers equipped with robust filtration systems are employed to continuously clean and recirculate the air, reducing the concentration of contaminants.

Monitoring and Control: Many modern industrial air cleaning systems feature advanced monitoring and control systems. These systems can track air quality parameters such as particulate levels, gas concentrations, temperature, and humidity. Automated controls adjust airflow rates and filter operation based on real-time air quality data.

Compliance and Safety Features: Industrial air cleaning systems are designed to meet specific regulatory standards and safety requirements. They often include features such as alarms for filter replacement, pressure gauges to monitor filter condition, and fail-safe mechanisms to prevent the release of contaminated air.
Overall, industrial air cleaning systems play a crucial role in safeguarding the health and well-being of workers in industrial environments by mitigating exposure to airborne contaminants and maintaining a clean and safe atmosphere.

Overall, industrial air cleaning systems play a crucial role in safeguarding the health and well-being of workers in industrial environments by mitigating exposure to airborne contaminants and maintaining a clean and safe atmosphere.

Parts, Service, New Equipment, Installation

We have everything you need in one place! Our goal is to keep your equipment running like new so be sure to give us a call and let us know how we can help.

Cell Washing Exchange Program

ASC Air Cleaning is determined to help you keep your industrial air clean and safe. Our products and services are designed to make it easy for you and your business to keep running efficiently.

  • Eliminate the need for parts washing equipment
  • The cost of wastewater disposal
  • The need to purchase replacement cells

How It Works

  • Recieve
  • Replace
  • Return
  • Repeat

Before & After Comparison

Container Full of Clean Cells

Preventative Maintenance Kits

Do you need someone to take expert care of your air filtration systems? With our seamless program, all you have to do is wait for your delivery, swap out the newly washed cells and ship back the dirty ones! We make it easy!

Electrostatic Cell Cleaning Service

Electrostatic Cell Exchange Program

The Offsite Exhange Program is for businesses who have no means of cleaning Electrostatic Precipitators efectively or safely. We not only ensure cleanliness of cells but functionality as well. Under our maintenence program our goal is to have your equipment running at its best throughout the year so you don’t have to wonder when you may have an issue resulting in machine downtime and not to mention loss of profits.

Blowoff Box Display

Mist Containment Stations

Simply hold the recently machined part in the box, activate the negative air pressure via the foot peddle, and then use the hand held spray nozzle to spray the debris off the part!

Thumbnail of Downdraft Table

Downdraft Tables

The Portable Fume Booth is a very versatile fume filtration unit, primarily designed to filter paint can fumes and solvent fumes that are flammable. It can also be used as a mist spray off booth by changing the filters and adding a drain.

Why Choose Us

Professional Staff

Our team provides quality service but cleaning and repairing cells that go through a detailed inspection process to ensure proper operation.

Timely Delivery

Our goal is to keep your machine downtime to a minimum, with our exchange program you can rely on ASC to get you what you need when you need it.

All 50 States

We ship clean replacement cells to clients throughout the United States. Shipping costs are included with our service programs.

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We Care About You

Our friendly staff is available to take questions and help you figure out what is best for your company to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Reasonable Prices

Compared to buying new cells or trying clean them yourselves or disposing wastewater improperly, let ASC handle the dirty work!

24/7 Emergency Service

If you are in the New England area we can help get you back up and running if your system has ran to failure.

Is the Air in Your Facility Dirty?

We have a simple and effective program to keep your air clean!

Services We Provide

  • Pre-Scheduled delivery of clean cells shipped to your facility.
  • Factory personnel exchange the dirty cells with the clean.
  • Ship the dirty back for cleaning, repairs & testing.
  • Leak free container.
  • No machine down time. Easy to use program.
  • No machine down time. Easy to use program.
  • ASC technician exchange the dirty cells with the cleaned & tested cells.
  • Factory personnel exchange the dirty cells with the clean.
  • Technician Troubleshoots / repairs any problems onsite.
  • No machine down time.
  • One time cleaning (usually during factory shutdown).
  • Customer must own replacement set of collection cells.
  • 1 – 2 week lead time, rush available.
  • Determine the origin of the air pollutant.
  • Assess the efficiency of each mist collector with a laser particle counter.
  • Examine the factory floor layout, determine the best configuration for optimal efficiency.
  • Teach facilities personnel how to trouble shoot problems with the ESP units.
  • Complete report; providing a cost effective framework on how to proceed with a comprehensive industrial air quality plan that results in cleaner air.
  • Collection cells are costly to replace, in many instances the damaged cells can be repaired for a fraction of the cost of a new cell.

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MIST CONTAINMENT Promotes a Cleaner Shop Environment Contain cutting fluids & debris from recently machined parts
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