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Modern CNC machinery has drastically increased productivity; these advances however have resulted in a significant increase in coolant mist and smoke being generated. OSHA limits are consistently becoming more stringent on allowable exposure limits. Electrostatic Precipitation has proven to be the most effective and energy efficient filtration method. Maintaining these units however can be a challenging process; leaving maintenance personnel overburdened.

Any of These Issues Look Familiar?
  1. 1.Poor Air Quality
  2. 2.Dust Throughout Factory
  3. 3.Slippery Floors
  4. 4.Inhalation of Mist
  5. 5.Foul Odors
  6. 6.Filtration Equipment Issues
  7. 7.Machinery Failure
  8. 8.Difficulty Cleaning
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ASC Industrial Air Filtration specializes in servicing all major lines of mist collectors. (Trion – Mistbuster – Coolblaster – Smog Hog) Our Integrated Preventative Maintenance Programs are custom tailored to your specific needs.

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