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Electrostatic Cell Cleaning Solution

The Cell Soak 2000 Super Concentrate is designed to help loosen up the dirt and debris that was collected by the cell. In some instances the impurities are so caked on that you have to spend extra time to get the cell back to an operable state. For people that do not like to do-it-themselves there we offer an “Offsite Service” where we ship you clean cells to swap out with the dirty and the cycle repeats with no machine down time. In the event that you want to do-it-yourself (DIY), the solution we sell will to the trick. For smaller facilities and some machine shops, keeping your air filtration system running perfectly is crucial to business but if you have the time in-between projects to clean your cells use our cell soak solution and be careful not to damage the cell.

5 Gallon Concentrate (5:1 Ratio)

Some common air filtration equipment consists of MistBuster, CoolBlaster, Tri-Mist and Smog Hogs all of which require routine maintenance. Mix at a 5 Water to 1 Cleaning Solution Ratio.  If you are ready to get cleaning then head over to our online store and enjoy FREE SHIPPING!

Cell Soak Cleaner for Electrostatic Precipitators

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