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Electrostatic Cell Cleaning Solution

The Cell Soak 2000 Super Concentrate is designed to help loosen up the dirt and debris that was collected by the cell. In some instances the impurities are so caked on that you have to spend extra time to get the cell back to an operable state. For people that do not like to do-it-themselves there we offer an “Offsite Service” where we ship you clean cells to swap out with the dirty and the cycle repeats with no machine down time. In the event that you want to do-it-yourself (DIY), the solution we sell will to the trick. For smaller facilities and some machine shops, keeping your air filtration system running perfectly is crucial to business but if you have the time in-between projects to clean your cells use our cell soak solution and be careful not to damage the cell.

5 Gallon Concentrate (5:1 Ratio)

Some common air filtration equipment consists of MistBuster, CoolBlaster, Tri-Mist and Smog Hogs all of which require routine maintenance. Mix at a 5 Water to 1 Cleaning Solution Ratio.

Cell Soak Cleaner for Electrostatic Precipitators

How to Clean Electrostatic Precipitators Yourself


1. Completely submerged in a water / detergent formula of 3 parts water: 1 part detergent (Cell Soak 2000)

  • If you only have a few cells a wash tub, or large sink will do
  • Allow the unicells(s) to soak for 2 HRS
  • Use Hot water BUT DO NOT EXCEED 125 Degrees or the cell fins will warp causing unrepairable damage.

2. Once the cells are removed from the bath, rinse off immediately with a hot water spray. A Hose or a power washer can be used but use a very low setting for the power washer or you might bend the fins on the cell.

3. Check for oil buildup by the electrical connection points on the cell fins, and by the insulators on the cell, as well as any oil buildup / oil clog between two fins – this will cause the cell to ground out.

  • Grounded = Not working at all.

4. Check to see if any ionizer wires broke during the wash, if so they must be replaced in order for the cell to function.

  • A missing ionizer wire will result in reduced efficiency, but will not cause the cell to completely ground out.
  • If an ionizer wire is broken remove the wire and springs. A broke wire can rest against two plates causing the entire cell to ground out.

5. Check to see if any fins are bent and touching one another – If so bend the fins apart.

  • Here is a trick, if two fins are touching and you can’t seem to bend them apart, you can insert something non-conducting (ceramic type insulator) between the two fins in order to keep them apart.
  • Note: removing the stacked fins is very difficult as the cells are riveted together.

6. Inspect insulators making sure there are no cracks.

7.  TIP – check & clean the contact board on the inside of the machine (MAKE SURE ITS TURNED OFF – use a brillo pad or toothbrush or similar type brush). Sometimes you can get arcing between the contact points on the contact board which is riveted inside the cabinet. The contact board on the unicell AND the contact board inside the cabinet must be clean and in contact with each other for the cell to charge.

8. Cell is ready.

9. Wash all the mesh filters after you already washed the cells, No electrical so they are much easier to clean with the already used water/ detergent. Soak, spray rinse, you can spray wash them with more power, but keep the temp the same as when the cells were cleaned – below 125 degrees

Selection of Clean Cells
Oil Globules Dirty Cell

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