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The SmogHog air filtration system is a modular solution to help solve your air quality issues. The PSG and PSH are robust but sometimes depending on the situation you may need replacement parts. Most of the time parts fail due to the fact that the system has not been maintained or cleaned periodically. If the system is working to hard and is not efficient, it puts stress on the parts such as the motors, power packs and other components. ASC Industrial Air Filtration is your one stop shop for all your SmogHog needs!

Cell Soak for Cleaning Dirty Cells

Stop Here! What is the Status of the Indicator Light?

Check out the video for troubleshooting, it may just need to be cleaned and we can help!

SmogHog Parts List

Part Number Description Cost Where to Buy
0006 Cell Soak 2000 Super Concentrate $239.00 Online Store
36-0068 SmogHog SG Ionizer Contact Spring $13.75 Online Store
36-0012 SmogHog SG Cell Contact Spring $13.75 Online Store
36-0016 SmogHog SH Ionizer Contact Spring $13.75 Online Store
20-1239 SmogHog Interlock Switch $38.50 Online Store
39-0125 SmogHog PSG Vice Action Latch $145.00 Online Store
39-0087 SmogHog T Type Latch $155.00 Online Store
37-0028 SmogHog Ionizer Ceramic Insulator $52.00 Online Store
02-10561-G SmogHog LED Light Large PSG $85.00 Online Store
20-2748 SmogHog LED Light Small SH $40.00 Online Store
03-0738 SmogHog Ionizer Wires (10/Set) $129.00 Online Store
03-0559 SmogHog Springs for Wires (Bags of 20) $69.00 Online Store
02-0749 SmogHog Door Ceramic Insulator $135.00 Online Store
258033-001 SmogHog Power Supply (Generic/Trion) $1150.00 Online Store
21-1216D SmogHog Power Supply (Original) $1150.00 Online Store
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