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Are you looking for parts to fit Mistbuster 500, Mistbuster 850, Mistbuster Quad-4 (4 Cells), Mistbuster Quad-6 (6 Cells) air filtration units? Well, you have come to the right place. Many of these parts are replaceble and in some cases may just need to be cleaned. Be sure to watch our MistBuster Parts Overview video to see if we have any troubleshooting tips that will save you money. Our goal is to make sure you have little to no machine downtime when you are servicing these machines.

Troubleshooting Tips

Cell Soak for Cleaning Dirty Cells

Stop Here! What is the Status of the Indicator Light?

Check out the video for troubleshooting, it may just need to be cleaned and we can help!

Mistbuster Parts List

Part Number Description Cost Where to Buy
0006 Cell Soak 2000 Super Concentrate $239.00 Online Store
07190 MistBuster 120V Power Pack $395.00 Online Store
07191 MistBuster 240V Power Pack $395.00 Online Store
07184 MistBuster 120V Motor / Impeller $615.00 Online Store
07185 MistBuster 240V Motor / Impeller $615.00 Online Store
10251 MistBuster 120V Speed Control Switch $84.00 Online Store
10253 MistBuster 220V Speed Control Switch $84.00 Online Store
10097 MistBuster Indicator Light $14.50 Online Store
46172 MistBuster Cabinet Contact Board Assembly $31.50 Online Store
07318 MistBuster Unicell (OEM) $1,150.00 Online Store
806R03-0163 MistBuster Unicell $595.00 Online Store
41205 MistBuster 2" Impinger $85.00 Online Store
41050 MistBuster 1" Impinger $49.00 Online Store
806R08-0006 Mistbuster 2" Baffle $85.00 Online Store
38027 MistBuster Ionizer Wire Tungsten (10 Pack) $149.00 Online Store
07336 MistBuster Test Button $18.55 Online Store
40102 MistBuster 240V Capacitor $45.00 Online Store
40104 MistBuster 120V Capacitor $45.00 Online Store
41215 Dacron Mist Stop Pre-Filter (12 Pack) $165.00 Online Store
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