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No Time? No Problem! Let ASC do the Dirty Work!

Onsite Electrostatic Cell Air Filtration Service

We Do All the Work!

1. We Deliver Clean Cells to Your Facility
Delivering Clean Cells to Your Building

We bring the electrostatic collection cells & mesh filters to your facility in a leak free plastic crate or container. Each cell is tested after each cleaning ensuring that proper voltage is carried through the ionizer and collection plate sections of the unicell.

2. We Replace the Dirty Cells for You
Technician Swapping Dirty Cells for Clean Ones

Our experienced professionals remove the dirty collection cells & mesh filters and replace them with the clean ones.

3. We Take Your Dirty Cells Back
Bringing Cells Back to ASC

We pack up the dirty collection cells & mesh filters and take them back with us to be cleaned at our facilities.

4. Dirty Cells are Cleaned, Process Repeats
Drawing of a Clean and Dirty Cell

Start Small. Do you have a large quantity of units? If you’re hesitant, let’s start servicing a few, if you like the service program, you can expand. Broken ionizer wires! Repair of broken wires are included in the service. We recycle all waste material.

Onsite Preventative Maintenance

Onsite service is a complete program offered to clients within New England. The collection cells are not just cleaned at every service interval, but tested & repaired, ensuring proper function and clean air!

New Onsite Service Clients

ASC Technicians Will do the Following:

  • Identify all the air filtration equipment in the factory and tag it with a number.
  • Test the efficiency of existing equipment with a particle counter, and identify any problems, then make any repairs once authorized.
  • Easily break up and remove long and twisted chips
After this initial Consultation

ASC Technicians Will do the Following:

  • Exchange the contaminated collection cells with cleaned ones on a pre-determined routine basis.
  • Clean the interior and exterior of the machines, and ensure that they are working properly by testing voltages to the Ionizer and collection cell assemblies.
  • Remove from the factory the contaminated filters which are then cleaned and tested at our facility for re-use.
  • There is often little or no machine down time with routine cleaning
ASC Technicians
  • Are guided by set of wash & test procedures insuring consistently clean & functioning collection cells at time of delivery.
  • Are routinely trained to quickly trouble shoot the various problems that arise with the various models of electrostatic mist collectors.
  • Carry most replacement parts on our trucks so that problems can quickly be solved without an additional visit.
  • Are routinely trained and tested with Lock Out – Tag Out [LOTO] procedures & are certified to use powered truck equipment on the factory floor [where applicable]
  • Are fully ensured.
Low or No Start up Costs

Because of our broad inventory of collection cells, mesh filters, and ionizer sections, there is no need to purchase replacement collection cells. Rather, a new client can use replacement cells from ASC stock, the 2 main advantages are;

  • Lower or possibly no start-up costs depending on the condition of your equipment.
  • No ongoing repair costs of collection cells as they are examined and repaired at each service interval.
Integrated Preventative Maintenance
  • Each machine is identified (Make, model, year, vin#, voltage) preventing the re-purchase of faulty parts that should still be covered under the original warranty.
  • The service records for each machine are kept on hand and emailed after each service. This can provide detailed information in the event of OSHA or EPA litigation.
  • Email reminders of the upcoming service dates.