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Benefits of Industrial Air Filtration Maintenance

Benefits of Industrial Air Filtration Maintenance

Common Issues in an Industrial Facility

The purpose of having industrial air filtration equipment is to extract impurities out of the air that can cause health problems for the employees, quality of ambient air or issues with the products being manufactured. Smoke, dust and mist are the major contributors of common issues in an industrial facility. Lack of routine maintenance can cause equipment failure, machine shutdown and loss of production.

Properly Sized Air Filtration Systems

Every industry has a custom set of requirements for collecting these pollutants produced by the manufacturing process. Most facilities neglect cleaning their electrostatic precipitators commonly called industrial air filters or cells. Depending on the type of dirty air being produced in a factory, sometimes the ambient air filters or source capture equipment is under-rated. This means that the air that needs to be filtered is too much for the equipment to handle resulting in air quality that is not acceptable. A common mistake companies make is when they begin to grow they add machinery but never take into account the amount of pollutants added to the air. Usually new systems have a little bit of overhead but over time that overhead gets eaten up and exceeded which starts to create problems. Having an industrial air filtration specialist figure out if your facility is setup properly is crucial to keeping your machinery running efficiently.

Reduce Machine Downtime, Increase Overall Productivity

Just like your body or car, lack of maintenance increases fatigue and decreases functionality. There is always a recommended electrostatic precipitator cleaning and washing schedule to follow along with basic air filtration unit service. Once you are on schedule with your equipment, keeping up with the routine maintenance gets easier and easier. There is certainly a cost with washing the electrostatic cells but it is a fraction of what you would spend to have a technician come into your facility in an emergency situation and hand you a hefty bill, not to mention whatever it cost the company to deal with the machine downtime and product lost.

Some Benefits of Routine Maintenance

Once you are on the right path and your equipment is running at its potential it gets easier and easier to maintain not to mention the piece of mind you have as a shop or plant manager. You don’t need any more unnecessary stress.

  1. 1. Increased Productivity, Reduced Downtime
  2. 2. Decreased Maintenance Cost and Increased Machine Life
  3. 3. Reduced Energy Costs by Recycling Clean Air
  4. 4. Helps Meet Government Standards for Air Quality
  5. 5. Increased Safety and Job Satisfaction

How Can We Help?

ASC is a wash facility for electrostatic precipitators for the most common industrial air equipment. We assess your air filtration equipment and decide which machines need more frequent cleaning than others and design a schedule that meets your needs. We understand that you can’t shut down the facility at once to change out the cells and disrupt normal business so what we do is send you clean cells in our leak-free shipping container and then all you have to do is switch them out and send them back. We make it so easy and affordable that keeping your air clean should be a breeze!

Is the Air in Your Facility Dirty?

We have a simple and cost effective program to keep your air clean!

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