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MistBuster® - Cool Blaster® - Smog Hog® - Trion®

Collection cells are costly to replace, ASC offers a cost effective solution, in many instances the damaged cells can be repaired for a fraction of the cost of a new cell.

Cell Repair: Mistbuster® / Cool Blaster® / Smog Hog® / Trion®
  • Clean collection cell
  • Replace broken ionizer wires
  • Straighten bent collection plates
  • Clean, test, repair or replace contact plates
  • Test collection plate and ionizer insulators, replace if needed.
  • Ensure that the cell is functioning like new.
Entire Unit Repair: Mistbuster® / Cool Blaster® / Trion® Mini M.E.
  • Entire collection cell repair service plus
  • Clean interior / exterior of Mistbuster® / Cool Blaster® unit
  • Test Power Packs, ensuring proper voltage to the collection cell plates & ionizer section
  • Check all internal wiring, over time wiring can become corroded.
  • Check and replace door gaskets.
  • Test motor and variable speed control
  • Ensure unit is functioning like new.
ASC Technician Repairing Cells
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