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Tri-Mist Parts

Are you looking for parts to fit Tri-Mist 500, Tri-Mist 850, Tri-Mist 1000, Tri-Mist 1400 air filtration units? Make sure you watch our video for some troubleshooting tips to save you time and money. Your unit may just need to be cleaned depending on what the indicator light is displaying. We have a service program where we can ship you clean cells, swap them out and send them back in our container. The cycle repeats at the frequency you choose!

Cell Soak for Cleaning Dirty Cells

Stop Here! What is the Status of the Indicator Light?

Check out the video for troubleshooting, it may just need to be cleaned and we can help!

Tri-Mist Parts List

Part Number Description Cost Where to Buy
0006 Cell Soak 2000 Super Concentrate $239.00 Online Store
806R03-0163 Tri-Mist Cell Replacement $595.00 Online Store
806TM20121 Tri-Mist Metal Impinger 1" Depth $49.00 Online Store
806TM20122 Tri-Mist Metal Impinger 2" Depth $85.00 Online Store
806R08-0006 Tri-Mist 2" Baffle $85.00 Online Store
806R03-0164 Tri-Mist HK Power Supply, 208 – 230 Volt $395.00 Online Store
806R03-0166 Tri-Mist HK Power Supply, 120 Volt $395.00 Online Store
806R03-0165 Tri-Mist Cabinet Contact Board Assembly $31.50 Online Store
806R03-0167 Tri-Mist Test Button $18.55 Online Store
806R03-0184 Tri-Mist Indicator Light $14.50 Online Store
806R03-0185K(120) Tri-Mist Control Switch, 120 Volt / Knob Included $84.00 Online Store
806R03-0185K(240) Tri-Mist Control Switch, 208-230 Volt / Knob Included $84.00 Online Store
806R04-0160K Tri-Mist Impeller, 120V Replacement with Capacitor $595.00 Online Store
806R04-0161K Tri-Mist Impeller, 208-230V Replacement with Capacitor (Tri-Mist 850 G1 & Tri-Mist 500) $595.00 Online Store
806R04-0187K Tri-Mist Impeller, 208-230V Replacement with Capacitor (Tri-Mist 850 G2) $595.00 Online Store
806R03-0198 Tri-Mist Ionizer Wire Tungsten (10-Pack) $149.00 Online Store
36-5-370440 Tri-Mist Capacitor 240V $45.00 Online Store
36-20-370440 Tri-Mist Capacitor 120V $45.00 Online Store
2DXW1 Dacron Mist Stop Pre-Filter (12 Pack - Use in Place of 2nd Stage Mesh Filter for Improved Efficiency - Fits 500, 750, 850, 1000, 1400) $165.00 Online Store
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