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Our various lines of cleaning tables allow you to “blow off “and contain cuttings fluids & debris from recently machined parts without contaminating factory air. Runs off shop air lines, small footprint & a variety of sizes available.

The unit, which comes in a variety of sizes for your particular application, is delivered ready for connection, & runs off a shop airline. Simply hold the recently machined part in the box, activate the air curtain via the foot peddle, and then use the hand held spray nozzle to spray the debris off the part. This creates suction that draws debris into the collection chamber. The fluids are collected in a container at the bottom of the unit, while any metal chips / debris are contained in a mesh screen. Easy to operate, easy to clean and drastically reduces air pollution.

Features & Benefits
  • Enables you to clean cuttings fluids & debris from recently machines parts without creating a mess.
  • Only one connection to the compressed air line is required to make it ready for operation.
  • Powerful air gun provides substantial power to remove stubborn particles.
  • Custom sizes available for particular applications.
  • Air knife curtain isolates & contains coolant droplets, chips & debris.
  • Small spaces footprint.
  • Easy cleaning housing & debris bin.
  • Manufactured in the USA and comes with a 3 year warranty.
Mist Containment Station Blow Off Debris and Metal Chips

Made in the USA!

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Mist Containment Station Product Specifications