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Our various lines of cleaning tables allow you to “blow off “and contain cuttings fluids & debris from recently machined parts without contaminating factory air.

The operator holds the part in the slanted opening of the box, 10”H x 13.75”W. The parts are then sprayed / “cleaned off” with compressed air using the attached air gun. Simultaneously, the operator presses down on the foot pedal located at the base of the unit. As compressed air passes over the orifice of the venturi vent, located at the bottom of the cabinet, smoke and debris from inside the cabinet are sucked down away from the operator and into the plastic bucket. There are no fans or moving parts. Clean air passes back up and through the air filters, while the fluid is held in the bucket. Top, bottom & side flanges prevent the escape of fluid coating and/or debris as they are sprayed off the parts. Metal mesh filter is opposite the opening inside the box to absorb spray deflection. A grate fits over the funnel to prevent parts from dropping down into the bottom of the box.

Features & Benefits
  • Downdraft Effect Contains Contaminants
  • Handheld Air Nozzle Ensures Debris
  • Easy Cleaning Housing & Debris Bin
  • 16 Guage Steel Sheet & Tube Frame Construction
  • 1/4” NPT Filter – Regulator & Isolation Valves
  • Small Floor Space Footprint
  • Manufactured in the USA
  • 3 Year Warranty
  • Opening: 10”H x 13.75”W
  • 16.5”W x 16.5”L x 48”H
Blowoff Box Mist Containment Station Full View
Mist Containment Smoke Test
Mist Containment Caster Wheel
Mist Containment Secondary Air Output
Mist Containment Foot Pedal
Mist Containment Blowoff Area

3 Stage Filtration

Stage 1: There is a 50 micron wet filter sock that fits over the entire exhaust tube (listed above). As the venturi pushes air down through the exhaust tube and through the wet sock filter; some metal debris, misc. particulate and oil are filtered out.


Stage 2: Affixed to the inside of the circular air filter is a blue filter that will filter out thinner viscosity oils that are being cleaned off the recently machined parts, as well as collect some smaller metal debris.


Stage 3: Affixed on top of the bucket and situated below the box is a 12.11” OD circular air filter with paper and fabric fins on the sides. This air filter has a metal top with a 3.03” round opening. This opening is for the exhaust tube. The positive air pressure, having passed down the exhaust tube and through the stage 1 wet sock filter, passes upward from the bottom of the bucket and through the stage 2 filter, and then through the stage 3 filter before being released into the ambient factory air.

Blowoff Box Overview

Made in the USA!

Mist Containment Station Product Specifications