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Have One of Our Experts Come to Your Facility!

A Thorough Consultation + Efficient Plan of Action = Clean Air

Mist, Smoke, Fume & Dust Collection Solutions

Not sure what is wrong with your air filtration equipment. Looking for a plan to address indoor air quality needs?

An ASC technician can come to you:
  • Assess the efficiency of each mist collector with a laser particle counter.
  • Examine the factory floor layout and determine the best configuration for optimal efficiency.
  • Teach facilities personnel how to trouble shoot problems.
  • This service culminates with a complete report, providing a cost effective framework on how to proceed with a comprehensive industrial air quality plan that results in cleaner air.
Diagnose Any Problems
  • Broken collection cells
  • Faulty power packs
  • Missing ionizer wires
  • Undersized – Oversized air filtration equipment
  • Odor control options
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