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Blowoff Box Prevent Blowback

Prevent Blowback When Cleaning Parts with Shop Air

Tips to Prevent Blowback

Problem – Compressed air is used to remove oil particulates and or fluid coatings from the recently machined part. Due to the high velocity of air pressure being sprayed into the part, droplets of oil are aerosolized and are “blown off” into the ambient factory air. These small particles of oil remain in the air and can be inhaled by the machinist. The cleaning process with compressed air also causes larger sized oil droplets and metal fragments to scatter and collect onto nearby machinery, people and other items, creating a slippery floor for example. You want to prevent blowback.

Solution – In order to overcome the safety hazards associated with aerosolizing hazardous liquids and dispersing particulates, it is possible to use compressed air in a controlled environment – an enclosure assembly evacuated for decontamination through a series of filters where clean ambient air is released into the factory environment, while the oil residue is contained in a bucket.

Reason – The Cabinet Design. The Blow-Off Box Mist Containment Station has:

  1. A cabinet with 10” x 13.75” opening that is tilted at a 55 degree angle from the operator and sits at 40” in Height. This allows the operator to easily see the part without bending over as it is held within the enclosure and cleaned off.
  2. Top – Bottom and side flanges in the cabinet which prevents the fluids / coatings from “rolling” up the sides and escaping into the ambient air.
  3. A funnel located at the bottom portion of the cabinet which directs the debris and fluid coatings towards the venture vent. This prevents blowback buildup of fluid and debris from collecting on the bottom inside edges of the cabinet.
  4. A mesh filter, which clips into the back panel of the cabinet. This filter absorbs the spray deflection, preventing it from coming back at the operator. The filter unclips and can easily be cleaned.
  5. A grate sits over the bottom of the cabinet, preventing any dropped parts from falling into the fluids bucket located at the bottom of the unit.
  6. A venturi vent bolted to the bottom of the cabinet which operates on shop air; creating negative pressure inside the cabinet without any moving parts.

Blowoff Box:
Mist Containment Smoke Test

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