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Indicator Light Blinking Problem

Is Your Indicator Light Blinking on Your Industrial Air Filtration Unit

Blinking Light on your MistBuster, Tri-Mist or Coolblaster?

What to do When the Indicator Light Blinks?

Indicator Light for Industrial Air Filtration Units

A Ground in the Unicell Assembly.  The metal fins within the unicell cannot touch one another or the electrical current running through the charged cell will ground out.  When the indicator light is blinking please follow the procedure below to solve the problem.

  1. The best way to solve the blinking indicator light is to isolate the variables.  If you have a unit with multiple cells then take the top cell out first and close the door; turn on the unit – is the light still blinking, if it is a solid light / no blinking, then you have a faulty collection cell & go to step #2.  If it is still blinking then remove another cell and repeat.  If all the cells are removed and the light is still blinking, then you may have a problem with the power pack or the contact board and not the cell.
  2. Turn the cell sideways and look carefully at the fins.  Usually two plates will be touching at the edges causing the arc.  If located carefully bend the plates that are touching away from one another by bending them with needle nose pliers.  If you cannot locate where the arcing is occurring then you should re-clean the cell, there may be a piece of sludge lodged between the two plates.
  3. Sometimes the contact points on the collection cell are dirty / corroded and will arc when the unit is on.  In this instance, remove the cell and re-clean with an emphasis on these contact points. These can be cleaned with Simple Green or a similar cleaning product.  If these are unable to be cleaned then they need to be replaced on the cell.
  4. If you cannot determine where the cell is arcing then re-insert it back into the unit, and bypass the door safety switch with a screw driver.  The safety switch is located in the front of the unit and is pressed in when you close the door.  With the door open and the unit running, you may be able to see where the cell is arcing.  Avoid electrical shock – do not touch the cell!

Replacement Parts:

Mistbuster Cell

Tri-Mist Cell

        A Dirty / Corroded Contact Board in the Cabinet. If all the cells are out, and the door is closed, but the unit is still arcing, then check the contact board inside the machine.  When you open the door and look inside the cabinet, the contact boards for each cell are located on the right side of the unit.  When the collection cell is properly inserted into the unit, the contact board on the collection cell will come into contact with the contact board in the machine cabinet.  There are metal prongs on the contact board, and if they become dirty or corroded then electrical grounding can occur between these metal contact points.  Clean them with a Brillo pad and retest.  If the indicator light is still blinking and they continue to arc out then they need to be replaced.

        Replacement Parts:

        Mistbuster Contact Board

        Tri-Mist Contact Board

        A Faulty Power Pack.  If all the cells are out, the indicator light blinking and the door is closed, but the unit is still arcing, you checked the contact board(s) inside the machine and they are clean, then you most likely have a faulty power pack.  Over time the power packs, which are located in the side panel of the unit, will fail.  Usually a power pack on a unit running 24/7 will last 5 years.  Replacement power packs come in 120V or 240V and can be replaced in about 20 minutes.  Note:  Usually when a power pack is bad the indicator light will not even blink, but be completely off, even though the unit is on and the blower is running.  However, there are instances where there is a fault within the power pack which causes the light to blink.  If this is a case, then replace the power pack.

        Replacement Parts:

        Mistbuster 120V Power Pack

        Mistbuster 240V Power Pack

        Tri-Mist 120V Power Pack

        Tri-Mist 208-230V Power Pack

        Click the button below to order the parts you need to fix the problem. If your cells are just dirty maybe try our Cell Cleaning Program!


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