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Dirty Shipment of Cells to be Cleaned

Outsource Electrostatic Cell Cleaning

Cost: Smog Hog – Mistbuster – Trion – Trimist

Some companies choose to wash their electrostatic cells in house as a cost savings procedure. But itemizing all the costs associated with this procedure might cause you to take a second look at outsourcing it.

Parts Washing Equipment
  1. 1. Takes up floor space
  2. 2. Expensive to purchase
  3. 3. Expensive to clean / maintain. (wash tanks get dirty quickly and routinely need to be cleaned)
  4. 4. Soap – you have to buy the right kind – don’t etch the cells; don’t acid wash them either.
Replacement Collection Cells
  1. 1. Expensive to purchase; they can be over ($1200.00 per cell.)
Cells Can Easily Be Damaged During Cleaning
  1. 1. There is a large surface area to clean and the fins on each cell are spaced closely together.
  2. 2. The fins are delicate, bend them so that they touch one another and they arc out (don’t work)
  3. 3. Ionizer wire springs can break
  4. 4. Ionizer wires break
  5. 5. Too hot water temp will cause the fins to warp.


Cleaning and servicing dirty and broken electrostatic collection cells is a difficult task. This task however is our specialty. Broken ionizer springs, broken ionizer wires, cracked insulators, replacement parts that may be needed are stocked so that when the cell is cleaned, it can quickly be repaired – and usually they need repair. With one of our wash plans we account for all the variables that can arise in the cleaning and exchange process. Our help will most likely greatly increase your efficiency in completing this task.


In addition to the cost of cleaning, there is liability in the disposal of wastewater generated in the cleaning process. Outsourcing this task removes your liability. Our wastewater is reduced to a sludge, then removed by a CT certified waste oil recovery company. We care about our environment, and it’s reflected in our cleaning procedures.

Proven Procedure

With our service, the end result is ease and efficiency in performing a dirty, but routinely needed task. ASC provides quality electrostatic cell exchange programs at a low cost because of our efficient cleaning & shipping procedures, and our vast inventory of replacement collection cells.

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