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Cleaning Mistbuster and Trimist Cells

Washing MistBuster and Tri-Mist Cells – Do’s & Don’ts

Getting The Cells Cleaned Effectively to Ensure Proper Operation

1. The collection plates that are stacked closely together which make up each unicell assembly have a large surface area and can only be cleaned by submersion in a non-etching cell soap. (Cell soak 2000) If the soap used is too acidic, then the cell will come out looking clean, but damaged because it’s delicate.

2. The washing temperature cannot exceed 140 degrees otherwise the collection plates will warp.

3. Once you submerge the cells (20 – 30 minutes) immediately wash the cell off with water, spray with a power washer but not too hard because the water pressure will bend the plates.

4. If any plate is bent in the wash process, or any oil residue coagulates between the plates, then the cell will ground out and will not function at all. There is no “well it was cleaned pretty good” The cell will work or it won’t work: 0% or 100% (no –in-between.) So be careful and work slowly.

5. Make sure you change the water that you submerge the cells in frequently, washing the cells in dirty water will only cause problems as the oil residue will dry on the plates.

6. Let the cells dry for about 30 minutes, put the cells sideways so the water can drain off easily.

7. Check the ionizer wires, make sure none are broken; replace missing or broken ones.

8. Check and clean the mesh pre-filters and post filter. With Mistbuster, in some instances the mesh post filter will become loose and sag down and touch the top of the electrostatic unicell which sits below, if that is the case then replace the mesh filter, it will only cause problems and is not worth attempting to clean.

9. Before placing all the cells and mesh filters back in the unit, make sure the contact board(s) inside the Mistbuster / Trimist cabinet are clean. In some instances oil residue will build up on them and cause internal arcing. If this is the situation, make sure the UNIT IS TURNED OFF and attempt to clean the contact board with a wire brush and Simple Green. You can tell if the plate is arcing by closing the door and turning the machine on without the unicell installed; if the indicator light blinks then you might have an issue with the contact board. You’ll hear it grounding / arcing. If you’re not sure you can by-pass the door interlock switch with a screw driver and open the door, the unit is charged and you can see if there is a ground in the cabinet contact board. If it cannot be cleaned then replace it with a new one.

10. Before putting everything back together make sure the power pack is working. Again you can check this quickly by closing the door without the unicell installed and turn the unit on. If you get a solid indicator light your good to go, install the cell.

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