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Cleaning Electrostatic Precipitators an Wastewater

Should I Outsource the Cleaning of Electrostatic Cells?

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It all depends on how many units you have vs. manpower and equipment needed to clean them well, and be able to do it consistently and with efficiency. There are companies that wash electrostatic cells. It is important however to verify that the company can clean the cells without damaging them, and can do so quickly. Many Maintenance Personnel Departments are stretched thin, and the cleaning process can take time and create a mess. Not to mention machine down time, broken parts, & broken ionizer wires that can occur during the cleaning process, and that you might not have on hand if broken. The cleaning company should clean and repair the electrostatic cell so that all you have to do is remove the dirty one and re-insert the cleaned one. A cleaned cell not working is as useful as a dirty cell, why bother. Cleaned, tested and working is key.

Another Plus

If the cleaning company has replacement cells that they first send out. This will eliminate or greatly reduce machine down time as you will have the cleaned cells on hand prior to the exchange.

You Could Be Forgetting Something

Outsourcing the washing results in scheduled cleaning times which is critical to keeping electrostatic units functioning correctly. In many instances companies that don’t outsource the cleaning of electrostatic cells simply forget to clean them, maintenance personnel don’t even set aside time to inspect their air filtration units. Giving your maintenance department structure – cleaned cells at pre-determined service intervals grants them time for more important issues – for example to inspect the air filtration units for problems such as broken belts, bad power pack or faulty wires.

What About Shipping

The other thing to keep in mind is the shipping. Make sure the company cleaning the cells has solid, well-constructed leak free shipping containers. Electrostatic cells not only get really dirty, but are delicate.

What About Wastewater

The last thing to keep in mind is wastewater. Make sure the company washing the cells is processing the wastewater in an environmentally sound manor. You can be held liable.

Outsourcing is Cost Effective

Some companies manage to clean electrostatic cells routinely and efficiently. It depends on overall workload, your factory personnel’s ability to clean and troubleshoot problem, and how much cleaning / wastewater equipment you would need to invest in. In most instances outsourcing is cost effective and eliminates a dirty job no one is excited about doing.

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